The Valentine’s gift yourself guide

Nothing deserves your love more than YOU.  Now say that again, out loud this time, and if it sounds a little self-absorbed, just know that it most certainly is not!  We can never fully repay our minds and bodies for all that they do, so doing something extra special for the skin that you’re in is never ever a bad thing. Don’t ever let anyone or any voice in your head tell you otherwise!

Selfcare as it’s been cleverly tagged by the retailers that be, might sound selfish but it can actually be considered an act of selflessness. Case in point, MOTHERHOOD (and yes, motherhood is my default example for pretty much everything now that I’m a mom)!  Whether she has 1 child or 10 children (bless her heart if she has that many!) any mom will tell you, selfcare is to motherhood what the oxygen masks are to passengers in flight.  When those [hopefully] very friendly flight attendants instruct passengers to affix their own face masks BEFORE helping anyone else with theirs, it’s with good reason. If you stop breathing before you get the chance help another person, you both perish!  It’s just that simple, or at least it should be but sadly that analogy doesn’t always translate outside of passenger aircrafts…not for moms or for anyone else.

The fact is, the time, energy and any effort needed to take care of one’s own health and body will never be gifted, given for free or offered up voluntarily by anyone else.  The burden of your wellbeing falls solely on your own shoulders – so a holiday like Valentine’s Day, that’s dedicated to “love” (at least in the commercial, tangible, gifting sense of the word) is the perfect excuse to seek out fabulous finds for yourself in the name of a healthier, happier, more beautiful YOU.  In other words, February 14th is as good a day as any to treat yourself to something special.

Having said all that, deciding what to gift yourself and then justifying it to yourself (or any inquisitive minds like your hubby or your kids that may inquire about said gift) aren’t tasks that come easily for some.  Since I personally have no issues fulfilling either of those tasks 😉, I’ve gathered up a few ideas for taking care of yourself The Beautiful Body way this Valentine Day.

Check out my suggestions below and if you feel THAT bad about getting yourself something (ahm, why though?) go ahead and forward the links to anyone who might want to you get you something!

Step up your brow game with a Revitalash Brow Perfecting Collection gift set

They say the bigger your brows the better you feel.  Okay, FINE “they” is really me and although there  is no scientific research to back up my claim, I can assure you that thin measly brows are #goals set by no one.  Gorgeously groomed, full and fabulous brows on the other hand are aspirational for most beauty junkies, making the RevitaLash Brow Perfecting Collection is a total score!

Many women suffer from damaged or sparse brows due to chemical and environmental stressors, styling products and of course, over-plucking.  The RevitaLash Brow Perfecting Collection was created to directly address the visible signs of eyebrow aging and to revitalize eyebrows so they look thicker and fuller.   This selection of physician-developed products uses a combination of advanced cosmetic technology, the power of a patented bio-peptin formula and soothing botanicals that, when applied daily, will lead to healthier-looking more luxurious brows within 4 to 6 weeks.

The limited edition gift set features three breakthrough products that will work magic on brows that could use a boost.

REVITABROW® ADVANCED: This award-winning serum is a made with the brand’s unique BioPeptin Complex® includes peptides, lipids, biotin, and green tea extract.  This proprietary formula conditions and strengthen brows to protect against breakage, while improving flexibility and shine.

HI-DEF BROW GEL: This breakthrough tinted brow gel conditions and coaxes unruly brows while defining and sculpting them to perfection.

MICELLAR WATER LASH WASH:  Brows, lashes and eyelids are left cleansed, hydrated and ready for advanced treatment and beautification.  This multifunctional product also prepares eyes for skincare and makeup application.

Visit to purchase your kit.  You won’t regret it!

Get Stretch*d

Stretching is beneficial to the body in so many ways.  From improved flexibility to injury prevention and post workout recovery, there is no shortage of reasons why stretching is important.  Unfortunately, we often come up with countless reasons not to actually do it…which is where assisted stretching comes in.

Although it’s currently at the top of the trendy list where wellness is concerned, assisted stretching is no passing fad destined to fizzle out.  In fact,  assisted stretching is the best way to get a deep stretch, safely and effectively and Stretch*d Space offers a convenient customized stretching experience definitely worth trying.

Using dynamic stretching techniques to gently build your flexibility and range of motion (while you chill you out and enjoy the release), Stretch*d trained technicians – or stretch*ers as they call them- will methodically manipulate and move your body parts in the best ways possible to improve your overall health.

You can breathe easy knowing that all stretch*ers are experienced bodywork pros from the worlds of personal training, massage therapy, yoga instruction and professional dance and are all certified in the brand’s proprietary Stretch*d Method.

Visit for more information and to get yourself a gift card!

Get in shape with some new gear from familiar…yet different

Never underestimate the power of looking good.  Liking what you see when you look in the mirror can be a great motivator especially when it comes to working out.  Like it or not, our superficial side (and YES, I said “our” because we ALL have one) can often play a part in our workout routine and feeding our aesthetic cravings with new gear is a) not a bad thing, especially for Valentine’s day and b) won’t send you to the poor house thanks to Familiar…yet different.

Yoga pants and sports bra by familiar…yet different

Familiar…yet different is an online shopping destination that offers affordable athleisure apparel & accessories at the click of a button.  Owned & designed in the USA, BY a Woman FOR Women, Familiar…yet different seeks to offer something sporty for everyone.  Appealing to both the athletic and the leisure dispositions, the site stocks a well curated selection of  illustrative tees & hoodies, yoga pants & sneakers.  Fit, comfort and style are top priorities for company as are environmental and social responsibility.  To reduce waste, pieces are not produced until an order is placed and a percentage of proceeds are donated monthly to the ASPCA & ACLU. For more information, visit

Take a Slime-out at Sloomoo Institute

I don’t know a single person who couldn’t use an escape from the stress and worry of every day life.  I also don’t know anyone who has never stepped foot inside Sloomoo institute whose stress and worry did not dissipate seconds after walking in the door!  Sloomoo institute is a sensory haven centered around slime, and before you ask NO it is not just for kids – although the founders did set out to “intrigue delight and evoke your inner child”.

Slime might be somewhat disproportionately favored by the younger set, but it really is artful, oozy fun for all ages.  More importantly (at least for the grownups), it is known to support stress relief as much as it sparks the imagination and I DO have receipts (by way of scientific research) to prove that claim!


From a slime step and repeat and a slime waterfall; to captivating slime installations and a limitless supply of the oozy stuff to sample, play with and purchase, Sloomoo Institute is an adventure that guarantees enjoyment and that all important escapism we can all appreciate from time to time.  If you can’t make it to the Soho location, check out the website to see where this innovative museum of slime is headed after it’s stint in NYC.  You can also purchase merchandise on the site and have some slime shipped straight to your door!


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