Step up your beauty and wellness for Spring

We might be in the midst of a health crisis, but the COVID-19 virus (AKA Coronavirus) should not be the reason your beauty and health fall by the wayside.  Whether you’re under self-quarantine or simply keeping the safest distance from large crowds as possible (which we SHOULD ALL BE DOING AT THE VERY LEAST),  now is as good a time as any to put a focus on feeling and looking the best you possibly can.

Spring is STILL very much right around the corner and once everyone’s safe enough to cease social distancing, we’ll all be jonesin’ to get glowin and feeling our healthiest, happiest and most beautiful.  So, in the meantime in the name of preparedness, I’ve put together a guide to getting your beauty and wellness affairs in order.  From anti-aging your skin to disinfecting your home, my spring wellness roadmap has you covered!   BONUS: You can order everything listed online so scoring these finds won’t require any unnecessary exposure to crowds (or even any contact with the outside world except to bring the deliveries inside)!  Take a look a look at the list, take notes if you feel the need and please shout me out on Instagram @nicoleyoungstyle with any thoughts or questions!  I’m here for ya!

Tighten up your skin in time for spring!

Now that we’ve finally sprung forward, daylight is starting to stick around longer- but a longer stay is exactly what you DON’T welcome from any wrinkles on your face!  Those unwanted guests need to make like old man winter and be gone!!  The good news is you’re less than 10 minutes away from leaving those pesky wrinkles in the past thanks to Athena 7 minute lift!

Developed from 12 powerful moisturizers and antioxidants, Athena 7 Minute Lift is a healthy, money saving alternative to injections and invasive cosmetic procedures.  The breakthrough product fills in wrinkles with deep penetrating hydration and results are visible after the very first application!  Athena 7 minute lift is clinically proven to significantly reduce the appearance of facial wrinkles, saggy skin, bags under the eyes, saggy neck, crow’s feet and upper lip wrinkles.  The product works on all skin types and DAILY use increases your long-term results.  Visit to purchase.

What’s good for your gut is great for your face!

It turns out, Probiotics are great for gut health AND skin health and LaFlore Probiotic Skincare products feature patent-pending, live probiotic formulas that enrich the skin’s good bacteria – which is vital for a healthy gorgeous glow.

LaFlore probiotic skincare Calms skin disruption caused by harsh ingredients and the degenerative effects of pollution. The products are clinically proven to Activate collagen and elastin production as well as Neutralize surface bacteria, resulting in nourished, youthful-looking skin.

LaFlore is 3 simple step that makes skincare easy to use and you can incorporate these nature-based products on a 1:1 ration to your current favorites to give them a probiotic boost.  Visit for details

Go sag free this season

Sagging skin on your legs is no reason to sit skirt season out!  Adonia LegTone serum can smooth out your stems in time for the warm weather!  In fact, your legs aren’t the only body part can benefit from this innovative product, you can smooth your buttocks, arms and tummy in no time with continued use of Adonia LegTone serum!

An in-home plant stem cell cellulite treatment, Adonia LegTone serum Reduces the appearance of cellulite by up to 47% in JUST 9 minutes.  Paraben-Free, Cruelty-Free and Non-greasy, this breakthrough product is the first and only of its kind.  Visit to purchase.

A safer way to glow!

Shedding winter layers means more exposed skin and if you’ve been cooped up indoors avoiding large crowds or simply not naturally blessed with an abundance of melanin, Blue Saint Instant Body Tanner has you covered (literally!).  A luxurious self-tanning mousse made from plant-based ingredients; this fast-drying self-tanner instantly delivers a natural looking, beautifully bronze tan that deepens in two hours.

Blue Saint Instant Body Tanner comes a free applicator mitt that provides a streak-free finish and no mess!   To sweeten the deal: Blue Saint Instant body tanner leaves behind ZERO orange tone and no fake tan smell!  Visit for more information.

Compression can help with a lot!

Creams and serums aren’t the only keys to proper skincare, compression garments from Skineez skincarewear can be quite beneficial as well.   Infused with Shea butter, Vitamin E, Apricot and Retinol, Skineez compression socks, gloves and leggings are skincare that you can literally wear.  In addition to providing excellent hydration skineez skincarewear helps with circulation and is great for individuals who live an active lifestyle, diabetics and anyone that spends a lot of time on their feet. The brand is equally committed to being body friendly and budget friendly because the machine washable garments can be sprayed with a reactivating spray that replenishes the skincare agents after 10 washes.  Visit for details and purchase information.

Drink, train, WIN!

Whether you’re training for a better body or training for a better career, Celsius is your training partner for all facets of life. This innovative fitness lifestyle drink has 7 essential vitamins, zero sugar, no artificial flavors and leaves you with no crash or jitters (like traditional energy drinks).  Visit for details

A germ-free home means a healthier you!

Nurturing your body from the inside out will prove futile if your surroundings are toxic. Since we’re living in seemingly germier times than ever, Spring cleaning should be at the tippy TOP of your to-do list.  At the very top of your shopping list – alongside any necessary medication, extra dried goods and toilet paper – is where MICROBAN 24 should be!

While most disinfectants kill 99.9% of bacteria on contact, MICROBAN 24 uses a multi-layer protective shield that binds it’s bacteria-fighting ingredient to the surface, providing continuous antibacterial protection for 24 hours, even when the surface is touched or contacted multiple times.  Translation – it kills the same germs as most effective disinfectants, but it lasts MUCH longer after it’s been sprayed and doesn’t just wear off when touched.   Visit for more information and details on where to buy.

To see the items in my Spring wellness guide in action, check out my piece for Let’s talk live on ABC 28 DC.  Please stay safe and look out for your neighbors (especially) the elderly whenever you can!


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