Quarantine’s ending, grab these exit essentials

The new post-quarantine normal poses many reasons to upgrade our approach to health, beauty, and overall wellness; and with summer fast approaching, now is the perfect time to implement that update.  From health care to self-care, so much of our physical existence has been altered by the COVID19 pandemic and the subsequent stay at home order, so getting our wellness affairs in order might require a little extra assistance.  

To that end,  I’ve gathered a few functional finds, or as I like to call them quarantine EXITsentials, to help with our post-pandemic revival and fill in some of the health & beauty blanks created while we were under quarantine.  Drumroll please…

Compress for success!

Compression garments are designed to increase blood and lymphatic flow and improve oxygenation of muscle tissue.  Wearing compression garments should be a GIVEN when it comes to circulation support and  SKINEEZ skincarewear compression garments offer that support with the added benefit of built-in nourishment. Infused with apricot, shea butter, vitamin E, and retinol, Skineez skincarewear compression garments continuously deliver healthy, natural cosmetic nutrients to your skin.

The brand offers a selection of medical-grade compression gloves, leggings, and socks, for men and women, created with both practicality and peak performance in mind.  The socks in particular which are available in varying degrees of compression – including a specific fabrication for diabetics – are extremely beneficial for anyone with poor circulation, who spends an abundance of time on their feet or experiences leg fatigue.     

Visit myskineez.com for details.

A little help for your heart!

Decreased physical activity as a result of quarantine can do A NUMBER on heart health.  Zona Plus, is a software-controlled device that lowers blood pressure NATURALLY using isometric exercise to improve cardiovascular health. Using science initially developed for the US Airforce,  the device lowers blood pressure using a unique, specific number of algorithms and biofeedback, to help your body heal itself. 

Each Zona Plus session takes just 12 minutes a day and is done five days per week – with the device customizing the therapy to your personal grip strength with each use.  Once you’ve completed the session, the Zona Plus displays your results, giving you real-time feedback.

Recognized by the Mayo Clinic, Johns Hopkins University, The Harvard Heart Letter, and the American Heart Association, the goal of Zona Plus is to help individuals increase vascular flexibility and find non-pharmacological solutions to common health concerns such as high blood pressure. 

Visit zona.com for more information

The fix for forgotten feet!

Once nail salons closed, pedicures became a thing of the past and our feet most certainly did not thank us for it!  In fact, our feet were left in DIRE STRAITS with dry skin and callouses taking front and center (and underneath and in between). 

Desperate times call for Do it yourself measures and LOVA SKIN foot peel makes doing it yourself in regards to caring for your feet, 100% DOABLE!  The perfect at-home pedicure solution, LOVA SKIN FOOT PEEL represents the new generation of cosmeceutical footcare.  Made from ingredients found in nature like Swiss glacier water, eucalyptus leaves, lemon peel extracts, and aloe vera leaf juice, LOVA SKIN foot peel reveals the natural beauty of your feet after the very first use.

The easy to use spray-on formula is fast-acting and leaves behind long-lasting results.  Just spray your feet, wait 30-60 seconds, massage your feet and watch the excess skin rub RIGHT OFF!  The kit includes a professional foot file – which is great for smoothing and exfoliating rough calloused areas.  After you rinse and dry your feet, you’re left with baby soft skin free from calluses, corns, or cracks.  Get ready to enjoy the difference!  

Visit lovaskin.us to purchase.

Mask, but make it fun!

Protect yourself and others when you can’t keep a social distance with a reusable face mask from HIVE80.  Hive80 Essential Everyday Masks are made in the USA with love, hope, community, and most of all gratefulness to all.

Hive80 Essential everyday masks are made of recyclable materials that wick away moisture immediately.  Made in California in an all green facility, these eco-friendly masks come in over 40 designs and are as safe for the wearer as they are the environment.

Visit Hive80shop.com to purchase

To truly grasp the function as well as my personal fascination with the items I mentioned above, please check out my recent summer wellness guide for Good Morning Washington.  Press play on the video below to see the aforementioned items in action, then head to your nearest device and press ORDER to get your new gear!

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